about mermaid

Mermaid started its activities in their current form on July 1st, 2004.

In 2004 mermaid technology decided to focus primarily on digital signage. We wanted to be a total solution provider with expertise in the development, production, and design of monitors and software. During 2004 we developed monitors and screens with integrated video players in order to be able to meet the demands from retailers for digital signage. At that moment in time the solution used typically involved a DVD player connected to a Ventura screen, which displayed advertising content in the shops. This solution had several downsides: low stability, limited lifetime and therefore equally expensive and difficult to update. As a result, we developed a new solution, the mermaid ActiveMedia. This solution combined a Ventura screen with a built-in flashcard player, making a DVD player superfluous. 

As an important part of the total supplier strategy, mermaid technology took over 50% of the shares of Victor Soft A/S in November 2005. Victor Soft was a software developer that specialised in digital signage solutions. They also had their own film production company. In January 2007 mermaid technology took over 100% of the shares of Victor Soft A/S.

In January 2008 mermaid technology acquired Acrossmedia, a strong player in the digital signage market.  Acrossmedia had a solid customer base and was very skilled in the field of content creation.  Through this acquisition, mermaid technology fulfilled its strategy to become a full-line supplier with a wide range of clients.

In line with its overall strategy, mermaid technology acquired the Swedish digital signage company Norden Media Solutions in January 2009, thereby substantiating its position as leader in the Scandinavian market for digital signage.

Also in January 2009 the company name mermaid technology was shortened to Mermaid.

At the beginning of 2011 HEADLINE TV merged with Mermaid, giving Mermaid a strong base in Norway and professional partners in the DACH countries.